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Update 4! Now I have the dress I handmade on, vest complete, and some leg straps for the kneepads! Its coming together!!

I’m SO jealous of your makeup abilities and how AMAZING THE VEST LOOKS.  

Tiny Sera update.  Got the belt and pouches mostly made.  Now to get some armor pieces done…


Sera Update 2, woo!

I am squeeeing from how amazing this is looking.


Did you know the Awoken in Destiny are basically ADORABLE SPACE PIXIES? And then i fell in love with their faces during the Destiny Beta and painted them for warm ups for like a week. And then i got itchy skin cuz the beta was so much fun and now i have to wait for a month. ANTS. ANTS I SAY.

(Ritzy and I also recorded our first impressions on the Destiny Beta on the 360 for our LP channel, Missing Discs. Check out our short video on it :D)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
May I ask how you did your sera leggings? I've looked everywhere online trying to find a pair and I had no luck... //cries
teabird-n7 teabird-n7 Said:

I used the pattern from Sera’s character kit on the Bioware site on :)

Back of Sera.  I didn’t have enough leather to make reach strip individual, so I ended up making stitches where I wanted them, then just cut it with an exacto knife.  Leather on leather, for the different textures (the bottom is just the backside)


Just a crossplay update on Sera! I’m really excited to wear this, my fingers are killing me from hand sewing the pleather…. The vest thing is starting to take shape! And I’m using this dress I found at Value Village as a pattern! My friend blatsuura is making a Cassandra costume also! (In my makeup test photo)

I’m excited but gotta get this done for Pax!!! Good luck fellow cosplayers!

That’s looking AMAZING.  So excited to see how other Sera cosplayers are approaching things.  I demand a Sera group photo at PAX Prime! :)

I figured as much, but the only other place I saw wanted $50 as well. It seems they have a little coupon thing going on, but I'm still unsure if I can justify spending that much on something I probably won't wear on its own. And awww thank you! I won't lie in saying I've looked around at how other peoples costumes are going to get a better idea on what to do myself. You're talking about the rips right? Sure, go for it! Heck, I kind of took ideas from Heroes of Cosplay too.
teabird-n7 teabird-n7 Said:

shame you missed PAX tickets. I know another person planning Sera and we could have done a group picture!
I wonder if a yarn would work. I think I’ve seen some matte-ish red before. My fear is getting the color off.

Code summersplash boasts 30% off of personalized gifts. Maybe leggings fall under that?


I’m going to nerd jail for this. (and I will pee on everything Cole loves)

I’m still missing a lot of key components to the cosplay, but my sister and I decided we would take a stab at the make-up and attempt cutting the wig tonight.

I can’t get over how good this is looking!  Excellent job! (Especially on the vest.  Mine’s lookin’ rough.

Leggings arrived for Sera, so naturally I had to try it all on.  Very excited to see it come together.

PAX Is just a month away!

Woah! Your Sera cosplay looks amazing so far! As strange as it may seem my friend and I are Cross playing Kassandra and Sera for Pax! So I'll be Sera as well! Hope to see you at some meet up or something! : )
teabird-n7 teabird-n7 Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
uhh hello!! if you dont mind, can i ask you where you got the little swirly clasps for seras leather armour? or what theyre called? ive been lookin for awhile whew
teabird-n7 teabird-n7 Said:

I found them at Jo-Ann’s with all of the buttons.  I think they were just marked as clasps.

Sorry I’m lame and haven’t updated this in a while, but I’m working on getting Sera from Dragon Age Inquisition done before PAX Prime.


All the junk I need for her.   (Not all, really.  Just the stuff for the vest I started with)


Tapin’ up that body and drawing some patterns.


Testing out the pattern with pretend leather (which is chalkboard fabric because it was on sale for unreal cheap)


Making the pattern with real leather pieces.


All done, except the collar and trim around the arm holes.


The tunic was started today.


All of the things so far.

Leggings have been ordered, materials to make her belts and pouch have been ordered.  Hope to see her done in time!

Amulet of Dibella for my novice mage cosplay. Made a LOT of progress today.

$30 vintage boot find!  Need to switch out the laces though.  May add some more modern ones to counteract the oldness of the rest of the style.